Set of 7 Brutalist Jazz Musicians, Band Sculpture Figurine Statues, Metal Art, Maybe Bronze, Origin Unknown

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Description coming soon- I am currently researching! 

Set of 7 Jazz musician sculptures.  I have seen similar described as Brutalist and mid-century.  I've also seen similar looking sculptures which are identified as vintage Burkina Faso bronze from West Africa. 

Totally guessing that these are bronze, just because that seems to be the most commonly used metal for casting sculptures.

Approximately 6" - 9" depending on whether they are sitting or standing.
Approximately 2 lbs each, totaling 14 lbs.

Showing these to friends who are art collectors and musicians, it's been suggested to price the collection at $4,000, but I can't find a signature and just don't know.   So instead I am pricing them based on the pure charm of how they look as individual pieces and as a set.  I am still researching.  If you get them now, at this price, and I'm wrong, then good for you, and I'm happy to make you happy.