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Several months ago a young man named Sam contacted me to ask if I could re-create a ring for him.  Searching the image, I learned it is a ring worn by rock star Matt Bellamy, who I had never heard of before finding the ring (yeah- I am a bit divorced from popular culture).

Bellamy seems to have been given this ring in the 2001 Asia tour, and wore the ring constantly between January 2001 through the summer of 2002.  It shows in photos of him, and in videos of his performances.  The ring has also been featured in multiple paintings of Bellamy.  Apparently the story is that a fan in Tokyo gave this ring to him.  

From what I am told, fans have searched for the ring without luck.  To the best of my knowledge no one knows the name of the original artist.  It seems crazy- if anyone loves a performer enough to give them jewelry, and the jewelry itself becomes famous, one would think that person would make themselves known.  I wonder if she is known in her home country of Japan, and we are only having language issues.  

Sam didn't have the budget to pay even for the costs of creating the original CAD, printing the wax, and making molds and models, so without really thinking it through, I posted here to see if anyone else wants the one, and have now a second fan, Ben, who has been searching for the ring. 

Now I am conflicted: I love to help people, and can make the ring, but don't want to steal a design. 

Can anyone offer any information about the original artist?  If she won't make the ring, with her permission, I will be happy to make it for you.

Please let me know if you are going to want one for yourself so that we can contact you if we are able to resolve copyright issues.

If we do go into production, we can take orders in any carat of gold, sterling silver, etc. These will be priced after the first models are made.

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