Grapes Necklace-Sterling Silver with Diamonds. Plate options available

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Grapes- the good life.  Grapes and wine have always represented joy, luxury, bonding, even Christ.  There was a reason Jesus turned water into wine - - and we do like our wine!  Eating grapes is the dreams symbol of pleasure.

The way in which grapes grow also contribute to the fruit's symbolic meaning: The grapevine, with its far-reaching tendrils that connect disparate points along with bunches of grapes are wonderful metaphors for a loving society.

These Grapes have incredible detail with an abundance of individually set diamonds giving a feeling of luxury and understated elegance.  

Grapes necklace in Sterling Silver with approximately 95 pts G-VS bezel set diamonds.  Shown here on chain- I can put these on the tips of pearls too.  Note- chain may vary according to availability, so let me know your style and I'll include a chain that fits your style as this will most likely be made to order.

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