Opportunity for YOU

Do You Want to Make Money Together?

Let's talk.

  • Do you have ideas for your own jewelry line? I can bring that to life for you.
  • If you have a product or service, let's discuss creative cross promotions.
  • If you want to sell, we can tailor a job that works for us both.
  • If you use social media - - let's try this:
    • Let me know you are interested.
    • I will create a discount code on my site which traces back to you.
    • Below is a sample meme- created with a discount code.  
      • We will put your code into the meme, and
      • We can work together to create memes which share your message.
    • You share the memes in any way you feel comfortable.  
      • As the memes get shared by others, your code will continue to trace back to you, and earn you commissions, long arter your initianl effort is forgotten.
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Call or write- let's make money together!!!