Fleur De Lis Earrings-Sterling with plate options

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The Fleur de Lis dates back to ancient Egypt, and has always represented POWER, ENLIGHTENMENT and GOOD LUCK.. Louis XI, about to lost France in a battle, put the already ancient symbol on his shield for power and luck. Winning the battle and saving France, he declared the Fleur de Lis to be the symbol of France. Fleur de Lis meaning Flower of Louis.
Overflowing dots of diamonds representing abundance.

Fleur de Lis earrings with (or without) detachable drop.
Shown here in 18K and approximately 11 pts G-VS diamonds.
Also available in sterling silver with diamonds.

Earrings in 18K $1800
Pearl drop in 18K $2200

Earrings in Sterling silver $650
Pearl drops in silver $950

Other drops available or made to order.