About the artist, Jane A Gordon (JAG)

Jane A Gordon (JAG) artful and unpredictable jewelry is the creative product of remarkable journeys (real world, emotional and spiritual) leading to a life view that brings about joy, now shared with the world through each sculptural design, seminar, and each page written.

JAG’s careers, adventures and singular vision began in Philadelphia, in a home and schools without rules, where she was trained from a young age to question everything.  An acting audition landed her at Stella Adler in New York University.  Curiosity about the world, a decision as a teen to be a leaf in the wind, and life’s vicissitudes brought her to live in NY, London, Geneva, Rome, Spain and Palm Beach, while also working and traveling extensively throughout the world, touring with rock and roll groups, as a consultant, as an artist, mentoring and more, and seeing the world by land and sea, on boats ranging from tiny racing sloops to worldwide trunk shows showing her jewelry, and speaking engagement on cruise ships.  

Jane has worked and played with the famous and the infamous and is equally inspired by, and comfortable with, the world’s least and most powerful.   Jane spent fifteen years in the corporate world in commercial real estate, rode the dot com boom to bust rollercoaster, opened developing high end corporate gifts, and finally came accidentally to jewelry design where she discovered her passion:  to share happiness.   Her jewelry, filled with symbolism, is designed to support those who wear it and assist them inspiring those in their lives. 

Throughout this colorful personal journey, JAG has explored life, love, politics, philosophy, religion, and design, all of which were previously expressed through painting, drawing and poetry, and have now culminated in the yin/yang harmony of jewelry which shares and reflects her continuing astonishment and delight with the world around her.

Although many different influences are present, the final result is clearly Jane’s innovative and unique vision.