Jewelry Repair (even if it's not mine)

Things happen.  I stand behind my work, but things happen. 

You might also have a drawer filled with jewelry you don't wear anymore.  Let's do something with that!

Divide your jewelry into 4 categories:

  1. Love it - Wear it.  
    *  Be sure it's all polished and clean.  Pearls and beads should be re-strung every few years,  I can do it for you, or can teach you to do it yourself either in person, or through this pearl-knotting demonstration of my super-easy pearl knotting techniques.
     *  When it's all refreshed, you will love it more than ever. 
  2. Missing pieces:  Have you lost one earring or one cuff-link?  
    *  Allow me to duplicate it for you.
  3. Don't like it.  Don't care about it.  Never going to wear it.
    *  Let's scrap the metal to pay for something new!
    *  Let's re-use the gemstones in something you will love.
  4. Sentimental attachment - but somehow it's not quite working.
    *  This is the fun part.  Let's take those cherished pieces you inherited or used to love, and make them into something you will wear and love again.