Dolls: Antique & Vintage

A quirky collection of antique and vintage dolls from my mother's apartment, some from my mother's travels, some from my grandmother, and some from an old family friend, Miss McCauley who collected these in the 1800's and early 1900's.  Miss McCauley remembered the first air travel, when the main street in Philadelphia, Broad Street, was Broad Rd and was not paved.  She also remembered when electricity was invented.  

My mother saved these dolls for almost 90 years, and the ones which came from Miss Mccauley were cherished for almost 100 years before they wound up with my mother. This is a temporary category.  Posting these is a labor of love, as I would like each doll to wind up with someone who will be happy with them.  

Remember that antique and vintage dolls are just that: antique and vintage.  To greater or lesser degree they will show signs of wear, and are sold in 'as is' condition.  To me, the age adds to the charm.  Please look carefully at the photos and let me know if you want me to take more for you. 

While I tried to research these dolls, it is challenging.  I did my best to ascertain fair prices.  Whatever you want, just make me an offer.  If you want more than one, or the whole collection, let's talk about an even better price for you.