Pre 1930 Elderly Woman Doll by Jouglas Depose

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Pre 1930, French folk art, Jouglas Depose elderly woman doll: Clay and fabric, with a painted face.  She has a quite determined expression.  
She is holding some kind of dish and tool, but I can't swear what they are meant to be used for - something people did in pre 1930 France I suppose.

Her legs were broken off when I found her and I glued them back. It doesn't look so great if you lift her dress, but hey, you shouldn't be lifting her dress anyway!

This was just sent to me from a friend in Paris:
 Some are not dolls but clay figurines of French origin..Jouglas, fisrt name Simone is a French artist making "santon" circa 1930, a typical clay doll from South of France. The "santons" are clay miniatures that populate the Xmas rib. The larger versions are used as decorative all year round in houses (typically sitting on bookshelves). A link (in French) to the factory bearing her name in Marseille (South of France): 

This came from an old family friend who passed away in the 1960's at a very old age.  My mother saved it since then.  This doll has been enjoyed by these two women for a very long time, and it would be lovely to find the next person who would enjoy her equally.  Is that you?