Antique Rag Doll, Smiling Woman with Jewelry from 1800's

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This young lady has found a happy home. CLICK HERE FOR MORE VINTAGE DOLLS

Antique doll from an old family friend, Miss McCauley.  When I was a kid she would tell me about Philadelphia, when the main street, Broad Street, was Broad Road and was not paved.  She remembered the first flight (1903) and when electricity was invented (1879) which is how I know this doll is from the 1800's.  Other than that, I have not be able to learn much as comparable dolls do not seem to be available.  

The doll is all cloth, known as a 'rag doll' - all handmade; clothing and hat of fabric and lace, the face is embroidered with a smile, and even with fingers and toes sewn in detail.  She is wearing jewelry, embroidered bracelets with necklace and earrings made of beads. 

This is certainly showing age, but being well over 100 years old, is in remarkably good condition.