Custom Design/Private Label-Bring Visions to Life


Would you like to have your own line of jewelry?  I can make that happen for you. 

Whether you have designs, or just vague ideas, we can work together until I completely understand your aesthetic, ideas, goals, etc. and then can bring it to life for you.  I will handle all the manufacturing, and if you sell online can fulfill your orders, even including a handwritten note from you (content agreed in advance, of course).  All you have to do is sell! 

This is a great way to build a business or raise money for your favorite cause.  

Do you want something made just for you, or someone you love?  Talk with me. 

My joy is working with you to understand what you want, and then giving you so much more than you imagined.  As you can see from my work, I think and design in beautiful sculptural metaphor.  As we get to know each other, as I get to know your aesthetic, I am also getting to know your passions, and will add that to the designs.  

If this is a gift, I know the questions to ask to learn about your sweetie's taste and style.  If you also want to send photos and links I can even see for myself.  I can either make recommendations, or can design something which shares your messages. 

Do you have something in mind and just not sure how to manifest it?  That's what I do.  Let's play.

Here are some examples of custom designs: Custom Designs

No obligations to talk. No extra fee for custom work - it's just the price of the jewelry.
Contact me today:
212-688-8600 (Phone, text, WhatsApp or WeChat)