Leona's Healing Hands, Locket for Crystals or Essential Oils, Sterling Silver

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Leona’s Healing Hands Diffuser Locket:  This necklace serves as a reminder of your empowerment by taking your healing into your own hands.

Options for the look and purpose of the necklace: 

  • Place a lava stone inside infused with Young Living healing essential oils. 
  • Choose a gemstone to insert into the pendant making it into a healing gemstone necklace, benefiting from the energy of whatever gemstone fits your mood and goals.
    • Pearl, emerald, and amethyst are examples of healing gemstones. 
    • All stones have their own wonderful energy.
  • The locket can be worn on inter-changeable necklaces.  
    • Depending on which oils or crystals you would like to use and what intention you want to set, you could
      • select a shorter chain to open up your throat chakra, or a
      • longer chain by your heart to help balance your heart chakra.
  • Chains can be gold, silver, leather/suede cords, gemstone beads, etc.  
    • Choose which color cords you want
    • We can make strands in the gemstones and length of your choice.

These are available at a wide variety of materials and prices - and all fabulous!
              (Leona's favorite, representing Ying Yang balance, is the two tone silver and gold)
You can click the links below to see other versions and prices.

Note that gold versions can also be any color,or combination of different colors of gold:

These are now available for sale, and currently made-to-order.  Let us know which version you want.  

Chains, beaded gemstone necklaces, cords, crystals, essential oils, etc are all available.  Let me know what colors and materials you want, and the package can be customized just for you.

This locket is about the size of a dime, but can be made larger if you prefer a bolder look. Talk to me about how to make this perfect for you!

We have a few samples and accessories to offer.