Custom Work: Healing Hands Essential Oil/Lava Stone Locket for Leona

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Leona has healing hands. She gives massages and so much more.  One of the other things Leona does is sell healing essential oils.  Lava stones hold the oils, so we are creating a healing hands locket to hold the lava stones so you can keep the healing energy close. Of course you might want to use the locket to hold other things.  Crystals also have healing energy and can be held in the locket, too.  

Keep an eye out for what Leona is doing next.  She and I know each other from working together on ships which an incredible way to see more of the world than most will ever imagine.  Leona has continued to explore both the world and wellness, and is in the process of creating worldwide wellness retreats. 

In the meantime, if you are in the Jacksonville, Fl area, treat yourself to a massage!  Click here for Leona's Healing Hands on Facebook.