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Versatile. Adaptable. Chic.

Jane A. Gordon jewelry provides an elegant, total jewelry solution in precious metals, pearls and gemstones. Effortlessly alter pieces to fit ones mood, neckline, and emerging trends. Wearer and artist collaborate to achieve self expression through a unity of jewelry, art and life.

 Be Yourself & Be Yourself as you See Yourself.


Jane A Gordon's (JAG) artful and unpredictable jewelry is the creative product of a remarkable journey leading to a life view that brings about joy which is shared with the world through each piece of jewelry "which I view as a piece of my experience objectified," says JAG

JAG's careers, adventures and singular vision began in Philadelphia where she attended an alternative high school. An acting audition landed her at New York University, and life's vicissitudes brought her to live in NY, London, Geneva, Rome, Spain and Palm Beach, while also traveling extensively thorough Europe and from Azerbaijan to South Africa. Her work and travel have included being on the road through the US and Europe with rock and roll groups, to sailing through the Grenadine Islands and French Polynesia. She has worked and played with the famous and the infamous, spent fifteen years in the corporate world in commercial real estate, rode the dot com boom-to-bust rollercoaster, opened WishBrokers.com developing high-end corporate gifts, and finally to jewelry design.

Throughout this colorful personal journey, JAG has explored life, love, politics, philosophy, religion, and design, all of which was previously expressed through painting, drawing and poetry, and has now culminated in the yin/yang harmony of jewelry which shares and reflects her continuing astonishment and delight with the world around her.

Although many different influences are present, the final result is clearly Jane's innovative and unique vision. 


"My goal is to share a joyful interpretation of the world in timeless objects that will eternally nurture the individuals who possess and wear them. I want to assist each person in their own self expression through interchangeable, wearable objects that embrace the soul of those it adorns. These objects reflect the miracle that each individual person in fact, is."

The jewelry, but more important, the wearer, thus inspires others through self-expression and reflection of life's miracles


Classic jewelry with a modern twist, destined to be future heirlooms. JAG provides an elegant total jewelry solution suitable for all of a woman's moods and her many life roles.

This beautifully crafted versatile jewelry is adaptable from casual days to elegant evenings, chic to edgy, with new options becoming available to update pieces as new fashions emerge. 


The focus of this interchangeable collection is versatility, allowing one to express ones mood and individuality, and to interpret current trends through various color and neckline combinations of 18k gold, sterling silver, precious and semi precious stones, and pearls that range from traditionally round to rare and unusual. To update along with emerging trends, these pieces can also be combined with rubber cords, velvet ribbons, wood beads and more as the wearer and the artist collaborate their creativity and vision, and allow the wearer to achieve self expression through a unity of jewelry, art and life.

Jane A Gordon has harnessed her fascination for natural beauty and life's surprises, filtered it through her own unique vision and recreated it in nature's most breathtaking natural materials - precious metals dappled with gemstones and pearls. Others are reflective of understated elegance in simplicity - purely precious metals with natures perfect detailing.

Each piece reflects aspects of life and nature, while being designed with its own integrity, lightness, balance and fluidity to enhance the beauty of the wearer. 


You are fashionable, but not dictated to by the whims of fashion. The only whims that matter are yours, and those of the ones you love.

As a leader, you have no need for others definition of refinement - your fashion is about personal style. You have a flair for life that is constantly updated and recreated, and sparkles with impeccable taste, passion, pride and luxury.

You are inspired by, and value uncompromising design and quality, and recognize that JAG is the ideal partner in your ongoing love affair with fashion, creativity and self expression. 

"The first time a woman returned to share the happiness my jewelry brought her, I knew my calling had finally found me," says Jane A. Gordon

"When I wear Jane's jewelry, it makes me feel like a princess." 
Carol B,, Neurosurgeon, Philadelphia

"I get many compliments (mostly from women) whenever I wear Jane's cufflinks and shirt studs. Their unforgettable look adds just enough of the unexpected to an evening." 
Jules S., Real Estate Broker, Palm Beach, Fl.

"Jane's jewelry touches my soul"
Marty B,, Richmond Va.

"My daughter (now 2 years old) will see me wearing this as she grows up. Eventually I plan to give it to her, knowing that she will surely love it as much as I do now."
Dorothy H, Banker, New York

"Jane's jewelry makes me so happy. Every time I wear it someone stops and gives me compliments." 
Dena R, Musician, Palm Beach 


JAG¹s vision includes a resolute dedication to expressing her passions in uncompromising quality. The discriminating customer desires superior quality and dedication to art in those pieces that will remain an essential and timeless wardrobe addition, and a cherished part of life¹s possessions.

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