Oops! Fix-Change-Refund

REPAIRS: No worries -I personally stand behind my work.  In fact, if you have other jewelry which needs repair, re-work or re-design, I can do that too, even if I didn't make it. 

While I do stand behind my work, we also use the "reasonable person" test.  If you ran your car over the jewelry (this happened) I will happily repair or remake, but any reasonable person would not hold me financially responsible.  Likewise, if you lose one earring in the ocean (that happened, too) I will happily remake just one for you and finish both to match, but again, let's just be fair.

EXCHANGES:  Easy- as long as the piece is in the same condition as when it was delivered. If damaged, exchange is at my discretion - generally not an issue because I can usually fix it again.  If you are the one who drove your car on your earrings and squashed them like a pancake, that might not be so easy to exchange, but even then we can apply the scrap cost to the exchange.

ALCHEMY:  Yes- you can turn silver into gold.  You may always "trade up."  The original purchase price of silver will be applied towards your next purchase of gold.   Pearls excluded.

REFUNDS:  You know how sometimes one person ruins things for everyone?  I've been in business since 2000, only three people have returned things- no problem.  Then one woman bought a custom order. I spent thousands of dollars, and half way through the job she changed her mind. I didn't have the money to give her back, so, being a lawyer, she sued me.  As it turns out, I won.  But it scared me enough that I must tell you that returns are at my discretion.  

Having said that, you can see from my art and site that I want so share joy.  Sometimes something doesn't work and it is my pleasure to make things perfect for you.  I ask that if you’re uncertain about a purchase, please discuss with me in advance so I can set the money aside until you are certain. Always remember, it is always my passion to share joy through my art, and my goal to make you happy. 

QUESTIONS:  If I haven't answered everything, just ask!

From my heart to yours,


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