Jane's Super Easy Pearl Knotting Class

Pearl stringing classes.  Learn Jane's super easy pearl stringing techniques.

View my pearl knotting demonstrations and learn on your own, or set up classes in person or via Skype.  My technique is so easy I can teach anyone in a day.  Students have included a woman with only one arm, and a three year old!  

After pearl knotting, I can teach you lots of other super-simple techniques to make your vision come alive.  You will be able to do anything that does not involve fire!

If you had an idea for something cast in metal, allow me to help bring your vision to life through my team of artisans here in NY city.  The exciting thing about the incredible talent here is that you are never limited to your skill set, because we can always find talent.  The only limit is imagination, and we know that imagination has no limits.

Let's get creative!

We can also arrange group classes, which are great for fun and fundraising. 

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