Ok- there is only one book for now.

"Designs for Life.  Common Sense vs Uncommon Sense"  Illustrated by Jane A Gordon jewelry

Each page in this tiny gem of a book (pun intended) is crafted like a piece of jewelry, designed to inspire, while leaving room for you to bring yourself to each idea, making the book a conversation rather than a monologue.   The book is illustrated (yes, this will sound strange) with Jane A Gordon jewelry as a joy for body, mind and spirit- not to mention an improvement of the human condition.

 An accidental artist and philosopher, my unusual journey is transformed into sculptural jewelry filled with symbolism.   Each piece is worn for beauty, cherished for layers of discovery, supports in self, and inspiring others in joy, success, leadership and oneness.     In an effort to share happiness, each idea is offered in this book, print or digital, without the need to purchase jewelry.     In the likely event that you will want a piece for yourself or someone you love... why are you waiting?

Click here to find the book on Amazon, where the digital version is free.

UPDATE:  The book on Amazon is an outline of my uplifting 12 step life philosophy.  The plan is to create the full version and have three variations. One would be a coffee table book. There would also be a silver and gold edition, where the book will be surrounded with 12 jewelry boxes, each containing actual jewelry, each sculptural, symbolic piece relating to each chapter.

Timing is everything... I had a wonderful publisher who had dummy versions of the book/jewelry box made (see below).  I got the first version of the full book to her, and shortly afterwards, covid made her retire.  She never even had a chance to read the first draft and give any feedback. 

If anyone is or knows a publisher for this very quirky book, please contact me and I'll send the book proposal. 

In the meantime, if anyone is interested in reading it, and/or helping me edit, let's get started! or 212-688-8600 for phone, text or WhatsApp

Sample Book and Jewelry Boxes-Jane Gordon