The Gift Whisperer: For Others or Treat Yourself

"The Gift Whisperer"  

Painless and perfect gift selection
No shopping, in stores or online
Allow me to make you a hero at gift time

Need assistance choosing the perfect gift?  

Guess what- I DO know what women want, and men seem to be loving my jewelry, too! Call or write for personal assistance.  I know what questions to ask, and your answers will help me choose a meaningful gift which is certain to be cherished and make you a hero. 

Of course this service is for everyone, but in my experience, men tend to avoid shopping for gifts until the last minute, worry about selecting the right gift, wasting time and money, and overall seem to find little joy in the experience.

Allow me to change the experience for you, make it easy and painless, and make you a hero at gift time. Aside from being a woman, most of my customers are women buying for themselves, so guess what, I do know what women want.

Next: help me choose the perfect gift for your sweetheart by answering a few questions. A few of the things which will help me to help you.

Do you need assistance shopping for yourself? 


Are you looking for something specific?  Whether you are sure what you want, but not seeing it, or not exactly sure, I am here for you:



It is my gift to design and create, and my joy to use that gift sharing happiness with you.  Whether it is a one time project, assisting in building your jewelry wardrobe, creating a new line for you to sell in your name or something else, contact me to brainstorm about how we can work together.  Brainstorming is free, and fun!


That is enough for now.  Get in touch with me and let's get started
212-688-8600 (phone, text, WhatsApp)


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