Custom Design: Gold Star Necklace. Replacing a Cherished, Lost Gift for Roslyn

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This was easy as far as creating the design.  The challenge was getting this to the customer at the price she wanted.

Backstory: Roslyn missed her friend. She had been given a necklace from her best friend who has since passed away.  The necklace had been a cherished gift, had felt like a link to her friend, and had been lost.

The length of the necklace, star size, setting and placement of the stars, length of necklace, was just about re-creating, not designing. 

Fabricating the necklace from scratch was going to be easy, but it would have come out at two to three times the budget.  My challenge was sourcing all the parts at the right price.  I searched and finally found several possibly variations of the stars that all looked similar, but had different weights.  I bought and sent these to Roslyn to be sure that she was okay with the thinnest stars.  She said they were perfect: exactly like the original.  

Buying the chain at a good price was easy here in NYC.  All we had to do was assemble it, and I am so happy to have gotten the necklace back to Roslyn.  I am hoping that it's such a good replica that eventually she will forget it's not the original from her beloved friend.

If you want something like this, let's talk about the details you would want; silver, gold or something else, length, weight, etc.  Now that I know exactly where to get the best priced materials we may as well take advantage of that for you!