Custom Design: Infinity & Arrow Necklace- 18K gold

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There is so much symbolism, and so many stories for you to tell with this design.  First the infinity, which you can use to represent infinite anything.  Tell your story of infinite love, hope, dreams, possibilities, etc. 

Arrows are filled with many meanings, and you can add your own message.  The two arrow metapho closest to me are these:

For the arrow to fly forward, it must first be pulled back.  Perhaps a good reminder that perceived setback, challenges, discomforts are setting us up for flying success.  By looking for opportunity is what appears to be crisis, allows us to face change with ease and even with joy.

Arrows also symbolize the necessity to be careful and kind with our words and actions.  Remember that we can carefully aim the arrow, but once released and in flight, it can not be recalled.  In the same way, words can not be un-said nor deeds un-done.  We can think whatever we want, and we can react internally with the all too human negative emotions.  But we choose what we release into the world, and it's always best to pause so we can express everything with love and kindness.  

All of my jewelry can be made to fit your taste, using sterling silver, platinum, and any karat of gold.  This design was originally made without stones, yet diamonds or other gemstones can be added for you.  

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