Antonio Wehrli Gravity Paint Drip Ring: Art into Jewelry-Silver & 18K Gold Plate

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This jewelry, and the artist's journey are incredible in so many ways!!!  Antonio Wehrli, his wife Yulian and I first met in 2009 when we were all working together on cruise ships.  We crossed paths and enjoyed each other's company on several ships over the next two years, and stayed in touch afterwards.

Antonio and I have been collaborating since May 2019 to turn his fabulous art into jewelry. Below is Antonio's announcement

"Over the last year and a half, New York city jewelry designer Jane A. Gordon and I worked on two jewelry pieces, a ring and a bracelet. While normally the artist requests 5 to 8 changes, I needed countless more to get the perfection I wanted. Each drop had to be specifically to my taste which needed an unexpected 1.5 years. It was definitely worth the time and effort. This jewelry embodies the Gravity flow like my colors on canvas. 
The new canvas is your arm or finger."

Antonio's journey this past few years has been astonishing in other ways, too.  Antonio, Yulian and their two small children had been living in China for 8 years. They were on winter vacation in Switzerland when COVID-19 hit, and China went on lockdown. Stuck in Switzerland, there was no choice but to abandon home and working studio to start a new life with only what they had in their suitcases.

Antonio's response: 

"I will not stop creating, no matter the surface, no matter the circumstances,
I want you to feel joie de vivre and overwhelm the fear of death.
Turn your life colorful!"

Creating to an artist is not a choice- it's nourishment.  Not even having access to his paints and canvasses, Antonio started creating a new line of works, reflecting on the pandemic, using materials that he had never used before; old books, wood and spray color.

Once the family was settled in their new home, Antonio opened his first gallery: 'Antonio Wehrli Art Space' in Schwanden, Glarus, Switzerland, where he presented his first exhibition "Lebensfreude" (meaning Joy of Life) with new artworks and what he calls:  "My newest addition to derivatives - the most special Antonio Wehrli Gravity Jewelry."

These first pieces of the Gravity Collection are a ring and bracelet.  Both are adjustable so always fit you perfectly. There are some more exciting variations to come so keep checking back.

Being hand crafted, each piece will be slightly different, with shiny and matt finishes, and showing different textures. Like you, they are all unique!

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