Custom Design: Logo to Jewelry-Strongman Weightlifter Pendant Necklace

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Here the customer wanted to turn the strongman logo into a pendant and other objects.  The person who hired me for this ghosted and never paid, so if you want some strongman jewelry I guess this can be made for you.  This is only a CAD so changes can still be made.  I think this is so much fun that it's a shame not to bring it to life.  Someone is going to love this!

We have three different versions:

  • Flat
    • This one can be made very affordably, perhaps in stainless steel, and used for key rings, jewelry, and other give-away.
  • Half round
    • This is the one I like best for jewelry.  It sits best against the chest, ear, lapel, etc.  It also leaves space for the logo.
    • Made in several pieces so that it will appear solid, but actually be hollow.  The weight will be more comfortable to wear, and the price in silver, gold and platinum will be much more reasonable!
  • Full 3D Round
    • This is the most artistic.  We never finished this, making the CAD into two parts to lighten it.  But it looks great so is posted here.