Custom Design: Logo to Jewelry-Bracelet for Men

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This was designed for a customer who is starting a new men's line.  They wanted minimalist jewelry in both in day and evening variations.  The minimalist look was the challenge, because normally we would get a dressier night time look with gemstones.  I wanted to use black diamonds but that was not going to work for them.  I solved the challenge with a very black, shiny finish contrasting to silver or gold.  Once we had the design the next challenge was figuring out how to bring that into the real world- figuring out the materials, durability, elegance and price.  Right now we have manufacturers in China ready to go at insanely reasonable prices.

Ultimately the young me did not choose this design.  Most of the set up work has been completed.  If you want this for yourself, or for your company, just let me know.  It's available, as is, or with changes to make it perfect for you.