Man & Woman: New Paint on Antique Paper from Cochi, India. Re-purposing materials.

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Three paintings from Chchin (Cochi) in the southern tip of India where some art students had found antique paper which they used as a canvass to combine old with new.   This group of students painted on everything.  Along with the art are photos of the artists and the place these were bought.  The kids were painting tree stumps for a unique and delightful "art happening" which reminded me of growing up in the 1960's.  One of the things which fascinates me about third world countries is the way artists use anything and everything to create beauty.  It has inspired me to reuse and re-purpose all kinds of things.  And I am working towards teaching inner city kids here in NY city to do the same.  

Click here to view Royal Procession - Cochi painting on antique paper. 

Click here to view Man and Woman - Cochi Painting on antique paper

A note on some of these photos.  In my travels to the poorest and most remote parts of the world, it occurred to me that people would never own photos of themselves or their loved ones.  So I bring equipment to take photos and print on the spot.  That is the suprise and the small photos being held up in some of these photos.  Enjoy the art, and photos of the excited young artists. 

9" x 13" unframed.  16.5" x 13.5" framed