Lacemaker Doll, made in Belgium

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Colonial woman making lace (I think) and miraculously the contraptions she uses in her work has survived all these years and is still here along with the doll.  I am not sure what it is called, a loom, bobbin? The miniature doll figurine sits on a wooden base and chair.  The head, arms and hands are molded plastic.

There is a tag on the bottom
Creations Bertrand.
Made in Belgium

This was in my mother's apartment, and came (I think) from an old family friend.  It seems to be vintage 1970's, Antwerp, Belguim.  The eyes open and close, as I remember doll eyes did when I was a kid.  Not great condition- she is showing her age.  To me, that adds to the charm.  

My guess is that my mother bought this somewhere on her travels and saved this all these years. It would be great to find someone who enjoys it was much as she did.  Is that you?