Colorful Gemstone Daisy Flower Custom Made Necklaces and Bracelets. Daisies Made to Order

Priced upon request, varies by specifications.

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There are infinite combinations of colors in gemstones. The attached photos are samples but no longer in inventory. Daisy jewelry can be made to order to suit you perfectly. This page is for custom work.  Let's talk about your style; traditional, modern, understated, blingy, etc.  

Next choose your color combination! If there is a color in the rainbow, the earth has given that color to us in the gift of a gemstone. Just think about the variety of colors in topaz, aquamarine, peridot, iolite, garnet, rhodalite, chrysoprase, amethyst, tourmaline, diamonds, ruby, emerald, sapphire, and alexandrite, etc. Sapphires can be found in any color except red because when they are red they are rubies.  What colors work best for you? What is your favorite stone? If you don't know, let's talk about your favorite colors, and I can choose the stones for you.

If this is to go with a particular outfit, we can match colors and neckline.  We can make it adjustable, or just create something for your favorite go-to length. And of course you can have coordinating bracelets, earrings and rings. 

Click here for custom made Daisy Bracelets

Colorful daisy jewelry in precious or semi-precious gemstones. Timeless, fresh and chic. These will liven up any outfit and they never go out of style. Perfect for any season, blending in with spring and summer sunshine, and bringing sunshine to autumn and winter.

Whether you're a wildflower at heart or a serene nature lover this ring says it all. With so many color variations you can really make it your own! Make it vibrant and wear it as a statement piece or delicate and neutral. Whichever way you imagine your garden to grow!

The daisy itself is about the size of a quarter, but much thicker, of course. It integrates beautifully into the rest of the designs. Daisies are available in rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pearl enhancers, etc. The centers are inter-changeable on the rest of the collection, but are fixed on the rings and bracelets to be more secure.

In stock right now are lots of earrings in various colors, and pearl enhancers which also clip onto cords and gemstone beads. I also have two rings in stock:
1 in peridot (spring green) with citrine (yellow) center: Size 7
1 in alternating blue topaz (sky blue) and citrine (yellow) leaves with citrine center: Size 7
And one bracelet is in stock: Amethyst with blue topaz center on 4 strands of Chinese Freshwater pearls.

It's impossible to list all the options, so here are a few sample prices:

18K Gold with Semi-Precious Stones 
14K Gold with Semi-Precious Stones
 Sterling Silver with Semi-Precious Stones

18K Gold with Semi-Precious Stones 
14K Gold with Semi-Precious Stones
Sterling Silver with Semi-Precious Stones

PEARL ENHANCERS (Fits beads and cords, too):
18K Gold with Semi-Precious Stones 
14K Gold with Semi-Precious Stones
Sterling Silver with Semi-Precious Stones 

Click here for custom made daisy necklaces.

Click here for custom made daisy bracelets.

Click here for more Daisy and Flower Jewelry 

Anything else is possible and priced upon request. If you want a necklace, let's just talk about the colors you love and your style, and I will hand select gemstones for the flowers, and pearls or gemstone beads. Every piece is one of a kind.

Just imagine and ask.  I'm here for you.