Cap Drop Pearls: Earrings, Necklaces, Pearl Lariats. Custom made to order

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There are so many variations of the pearl cap drops, and infinite variations of what we can do with them. Rather than attempt to post every possibility, I'm posting as a group.  Let's talk about what will work for you. 

Possible variations:

  • The caps themselves
    • Currently available
      • 5 variations that fit over round pearls and stones,
      • 1 variation for coin pearls, and
      • the starburst that glitters with small diamonds
    • Each variation can be in any karat of gold, silver or platinum
  • Caps as earrings
    • Chain drop at any length
    • Chain can have a small loop at the top to be worn with changing posts
  • Caps as necklaces
    • Can be use as the tips for lariats in pearls, gemstones or chains
      • Lariats can wrap once, twice or mort to give you the look of a choker
      • Lariat can be doubled and looped for a casual look
      • Lariat can be shorter to tie or clip in front without wrapping
    • Ends of a lariat, 2 caps
    • Necklace can be minimalist, with one center cap
    • Station necklace, as many as desired

This will be made to order, so talk to me about your height, neck, style, taste and budget.  All can be adjusted to fit you and your style perfectly.