Custom Order: Chain of Thorns Necklace and Bracelet

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Truly unique, and one of the most unusual custom requests I've had... but it was a joy bringing this to life for the customer, who I like to think is now a friend, too.

Inspired by the Crown of Thorns placed on the head of Jesus during events leading up to his crucifixion, the customer wanted the thorns to be as authentic looking as possible.  As we worked in CAD (the computer model used to make the jewelry) he kept requesting that the thorns be longer and pointier. We got the look and I also tried to make the jewelry as comfortable as possible. But despite a flat back, the pieces will move and.... ouch.

Before casting these in gold, I made a few links in brass to send... just to be sure that he has them in his hands and it's what he wanted. That was when we went from a necklace, to a bracelet, too - - he liked it! 

If you want one, these can still be made to order, with the customer's permission, of course. 


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