Single Tahitian Black Pearl Necklace on Leather or Suede. Made to order in any color.

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Minimalist, funky and elegant all at the same time.  A single pearl on leather or suede.

Tahitian pearls are known as black pearls, but actually reflect all the colors of the rainbow in shades of grey.  Another cool thing about them is that they exude radiant beauty, and at the same time you have to know what they are, to know what they are, which is why I call Tahitian pearls the Cognoscenti Collection.

These will be made to order so they can be made with any color and quality of pearls, and any color suede or leather cords.  This can be made with a chain, too.

Resonates with understated elegance. 

These are great for anyone; women, men, and even children and teens.  

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