Tahitian Pearl Necklace: Single Pearl on Any Colored cord

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If you look at my other Tahitian pearl listings, you will see that I actually posted pearl by pearl.  These gifts from the sea resonate with me so individually, that I assumed others will see the same detail.  Here, I am offering to create something just for you, and am posting the general concept of a minimalist necklace made with pearls on leather or suede.  

These beautiful, simple natural color pearl necklaces will make a statement in a most understated way. It's unusual to mix Tahitian pearls, which are generally seen as ultra-elegant, and use them with alternative materials like leather and suede. One of the reasons I love love love Tahitian pearls is the natural beauty they radiate, even when people have no idea what they are, or that these are even pearls. These can be dressed up or down, and can be worn with anything from jeans, to work clothes, to a cocktail dress. It's funky and chic at the same time.

French Polynesia is the only place in the world where pearls grow naturally in these grey colors. Although they are known as black pearls, they are rarely truly black, but instead shades of grey (not just fifty). The natural luster and color on the pearls have reflections of blackish gray, blue, teal, dark green, pinks, peacock, golden, silver, and more. If it’s in the rainbow, there is a Tahitian pearl reflecting the color.

In my travels around the islands, I bought many of the spectacular black pearls. I also searched for a great variety of cords in all colors, in leather, suede, silk, satin, etc. and have my two favorite spots in Papeete and Barcelona for the widest variety of colored cords.

Some of these are always available. I can send photos of anything I currently have. It might be more fun to custom make one just for you. Just let me know what colors you want, what length you want, and if you want totally minimalist or if you prefer me to add come embellishments, link a knot for a more rustic look, a roundel, bead, etc.

As we communicate about what you like, I will get to know your aesthetic and budget, and can make suggestions.   We can use a sterling silver or gold chain instead of a cord, we can use more than one pearl, etc. Let’s create something perfect for you, or the sweetie you for whom you are creating this personalized design.

These are priced at $350 which represents a large size (12-14 mm or more) and great color Tahitian Pearl on a cord with a sterling silver clasp and an extender chain. I posted this as being on sale, because I can also make something for much less depending on the type, size and quality of the pearl.  Pearls can cost anywhere from a dollar for an entire strand, to thousands for one pearl. Whatever you want, we can fit your style and budget: let’s talk!

While we are at it, we can also make coordinating earrings, rings, bracelets, cuff-links, lapel pin, etc.