Tahitian Pearl necklace- Side drilled teardrop baroque on Chinese button pearls.

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Unusual Tahitian pearl in teardrop shape on Freshwater button pearls from China.  I bought this pearl in Bora Bora, and drilled it across instead of from the top which is usually the way it's done.  It gives this a fresh, unusual yet classic appearance.  Understated, elegant, fun.

The reason I call these "Naughty Necklaces" is that in French Polynesia where the black pearls are grown, it is illegal to import any other pearls, so you will be unable to find anything with the Tahitian and Chinese pearls mixed there.   You won't find the mix from anywhere else, because they will just dye their own pearls rather than mix them with the more expensive Tahitian pearls.  The dyed pearls have their own beauty, but it's nothing like the natural shades of grey. 
Tahitian Pearl approx 10 x 15 mm.
The necklace is 16.5" on a 2" extender chain.  If you need a different length, just let me know and I can make changes for you.