Tahitian Baroque Pearl Mega Set: Interchangeable Necklace/Bracelet, Earrings/Pendant

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Tahitian Baroque Pearl Mega Set: Interchangeable Necklace/Bracelet, Earrings/Pendant. Have fun with constantly changing ways to wear these to fit your outfits, mood and style.

These past few years I have been spending a lot of time in French Polynesia, which is where I picked up these incredible pearls. I have been many, and these pearls are spectacularly lustrous, reflecting beautiful peacock colors. Almost 5 feet of pearls allowed me to get really creative and allow you to do the same as you figure out continually new ways to combine the segments.

Tahitian pearls with 14K watch fob style clasps and 18K rondels.

Set includes pieces which can be combined in many ways.

* Earrings can be worn with your own studs.
* Two tips can be worn together or separately, on a cord or chain, as pendant, as lariat tips, and more.
* Two bracelet segments can be worn alone, together, or to extend necklace length.
* 16" strand can be worn as double wrap bracelet, and as necklace either nested, doubled or long.
* 18" necklace can be worn alone or with other pieces.