White on Rice-White baroque pearls on white rice pearls-Multistrand necklace bracelet set

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WHITE on RICE.  Three piece Set.  (NOTE: Someone keeps looking at this every day.  What's holding you back?  Contact me!)

Interchangeable multi-strand necklace/bracelet combination.
White Baroque pearls on white rice pearls.
* Wear the 16" multi-strand necklace short- up at the collar.
* Twist into torsade to make it a bit shorter.
* Use extender chain to drop the necklace up to 3 more inches.
* Use the double wrap bracelet to wear the necklace long- additional 15"
* Use the double wrap bracelet - as a double wrap bracelet.
* Double wrap bracelet can be an extra strand on the necklace.
* Bracelet can be worn as a single strand necklace, with or without extender chain.
* Mother-daughter dress up- let the little one wear the bracelet as a necklace. 
* Find your own variation - you tell me!!!
 Note:  The rondels, made of sterling silver with gold plate have darkened.  This was unintended, but is kind of a cool look at they were there to set off the large baroque pearls, and now do it even more.  Please let me know if you would like this as is, or if you prefer to have it restrung.  If the latter, I can do it for you, or give you a free pearl stringing class via Skye, or in person if you are in NY city.  See the video pearl stringing demonstrations. 

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