White Baroque pearls with Sexy Extender Chain

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White Baroque pearls. 10-18mm with sexy long extender chain hanging down the back, or you can use it to lengthen the necklace. Chic, elegant, classic with a modern twist. Pearls always lend an elegant look to any outfit. 

Pearls come in all sizes and prices. They come in many colors naturally, and any color dyed.  If you love this but want some a little larger or smaller, more affordable or more perfect, just let me know. We can get you strands of pearls for under $50.00, and one just sold at auction for $360 million.  It's all about making it perfect for you!   Contact me to check if you don't see what you want.  

Remember that pearls need to be restrung every few years.  Check my video, or let me teach you how in person.