Tahitian Baroque & Rainbow Crazy Keshi Pearls with Shark Vertebrae Necklace

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THE COGNOSCENTI COLLECTION:  You must be in the know, to know.  A combination of elegant and unexpected.

Baroque Tahitian pearls featuring radiant, rainbow crazy keshi pearls, flanked by shark vertebrae.


This is one of my favorites. I bought the pearls in Tahiti, and the shark vertebrae in Kenya. There is something magical about combining something as elegant as Tahitian pearls with found materials like bones. I thought about recreating the vertebrae shape as a rondel in gold or silver, but they are just perfect as they are naturally - maybe more so.
See the value in the non traditional, in jewelry and life!


Tahitian pearls, 10-12mm

Whisper your grace and elegance, allowing those around you to feel graceful with you.