Tahitian Pearl Mega Set-Round-Multi Color-Interchangeable Necklace/Bracelet, Earrings/Pendant

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Magnificent Multi-Color Round Tahitian Pearl Interchangeable set. Turn necklaces long to short to bracelets.  Earrings can be pendants.  Fit changing outfits, style and mood.

Graduated in size from 9.5 - 11.45 mm.  Incredible, vivid color variation including rare blue and peacock, pinks and goldens.

These past few years I have been spending a lot of time in French Polynesia, which is where I picked up these incredible pearls. I have been many, and these pearls are spectacularly lustrous, reflecting beautiful peacock colors.

Tahitian pearls with 14K watch fob style clasps, rondels and long spacers for visual and functional variety.

Set includes pieces which can be combined in many ways.

* Three clusters can be worn as earrings and small pendant.
* Three clusters can also be worn as one large pendant, on a cord, chain or pearls
* Three bracelet segments can be worn alone, together, or to extend necklace length.
* Necklace can be combined with 1, 2 or all three bracelets for a variety of lengths.
* Necklace/ bracelet combinations can be doubled or nested for different looks.

* And of course- combine these with your own jewelry to make it even more your own look.