Tahitian and Chinese pearls convertable necklace/ bracelet

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Tahitian and Chinese 5-12 mm pearls are not usually mixed together, because it is illegal in Tahitti to import other pearls, and in China they just dye theie own, less expensive pearls.  That's why I call my mix "Naughty Necklaces"   Detachable vermeil chain allows the piece to be worn as necklace or bracelet.  Be sure to let me know your wrist size so I can restring if necessary.  And let me know what length you life to wear your necklaces.   


Finding overlooked beauty fascinates me.  This piece includes shark vertebrae, and keshi Tahitian pearls, whose crazy shapes to give a true celebration of nature in all her fabulous imperfections- just like us in our own beautiful imperfections.   ;-)