Vintage Greek Souvenir Tsolias Doll: Male Folk Dancer Tambourine Player

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Vintage Greek souvenir Tsolias doll, a male Greek folk dancer.   He is dressed in traditional Greek folk costume, hand made, hand sewn fabric costume, embroidered trim and sequin buttons, pleated skirt,with pompoms on the shoes, and a red fez (hat) with tassel. Handcrafted out of fabric and celluloid plastic for the head and hands, and wired arms. The face has been delicately hand painted with the traditional mustache and lively eyes. 

When I found a collection of antique and vintage dolls at my mother's. the tambourine was a bit of a mystery, as i was uncertain which doll it goes with, and there were a few options.  Carefully examining the proportions and materials, I concluded it was this one.  In researching the doll, there was a small possibility the costume was of a soldier, but more likely a fold dancer.  It's remarkable that the two pieces are still together.  I have looped the tambourine over the arm with a thread- you can decide how you prefer it to be displayed.  
Included in the photos are old and new images of actual people in this same traditional outfit.