Mascotes De Maria Helena, Handmade Vintage Folk Art Doll from Portugal

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Handmade Maria Helena cloth doll from Portugal. The doll is tightly stuffed with embroidered features, painted rosy cheeks and forehead. Dressed in felt and cotton clothing with lace detailing, necklaces and hat, as well as those signature leather shoes. So adorable!

Researching this doll, I have read that it comes from the 1930's, 1950's and 1960's.   Interestingly there are not estimated from the 1940's and I wonder if the company had to stop production during WWI and WWII.  

Two original labels are still attached.  One tag is is foil and says "Mascotes De Maria Helena" on both sides.  The other is paper, and says "Feito em Portugal" on one side, and "Beira Litoral (Regisardo) 38" on the reverse, and the number 38 is stamped on, so seems to be a limited or counted edition.   

This is a vintage item and clearly looks that way, appearing to have been in water at some time, and I can't tell if the tear in the knee of her stocking is part of the design or wear and tear. To me, that is part of the charm - - but I am always drawn to things overlooked by others.