Mandolin Player, Vintage Folk Art Doll, Handmade, Knitted Sweater and Hat, painted face on fabric

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This has been sold, but you can find more cool vintage dolls...

Charming mandolin playing vintage folk art doll.  The hand made design is minimalist in details such as the face, hands and instrument.  At the same time the clothing is so beautifully made, with a hand knitted wool sweater and hat which I would be happy to wear (in my size, of course). Handmade plaid wool pants. Shoes might be leather or plastic, but I think leather.  The face appears to be hand painted on fabric, and the hair is hand knitted.  The mandolin is wood.

This is part of a collection of dolls from my mother's apartment.  There is no theme to the collection because, I believe, they must have been collected personally on her world travels.  That, combined with the fact that the Mandolin was created in and most seen in Italy, I am guessing that this is Italian made.  My mother had two significant trips through Italy.  One when she was sent there for the summer of 1953 by her parents, who wanted her to forget the man she was dating because (horror of horrors) he was divorced!   Years later, after she married that man who was my father, we traveled through Europe together as a family for a few months in 1970.  Since I don't remember my mother buying this, I am guessing the romantic doll is from the 1950's.  

Do you know a musician who might love this?  It would make me happy to find him a good home.