Vintage Portuguese Fish Seller Doll. Opening/Closing Eyes & Basket on Head

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This is from a collection of dolls I found at my mother's apartment.  Not knowing anything about the dolls, I did my best to research.  

My conclusion is that this is South American, which is how I originally posted the description.  But I just received the message below in an email, and am thinking that Maria knows... so.... thanks Maria!


My name is Maria and i live in Portugal.
These doll is from, Portugal, Nazaré and is a fish seller.
Is not from South America.


The doll has opening and closing eyes and an empty basket on her head. Pleated dress with an apron, petticoat and a black head scarf beneath the basket. Her arms and legs are movable. No manufacturer markings. Good condition - except for the pesky detail that the head is detached from the body.  I considered gluing the head myself, but not knowing the value of these dolls, I didn't want to risk damaging something you might cherish. 

Priced low in view of the necessary work.  Do you know a good, loving doll hospital?