Kachina Doll, Native American Hopi Indian Traditional Figure- For Sale Soon

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Katsina or Kachina dolls are steadily becoming some of the most treasured and sought after collectible items made by Native American Indian artisans. An ancient tradition, Hopi artists carve these dolls as representations of the helpful and powerful spirits that visit their villages each year to help with the practical matters that ensure the continued success of the village. When not visiting the tribes, these spirits are said to dwell in the San Francisco Peaks just north of Flagstaff, Arizona. Just as the ground begins to warm from the icy grip of winter, the Katsinam descend into the villages and, represented by the Hopi men in costume, their presence both honors the various Katsinam and helps to educate the children about the Katsinam and the virtues or vices each spirit represents. The children are then presented with various Katsina dolls to promote their further reflection on the lessons they learned through the introduction of the Katsinam and the highly symbolic dances each performs during the ceremonies. The dolls are traditionally carved by the child’s uncle using the root of a cottonwood tree and specialized colors of paint that help identify each Katsina.