Herend Hungary Easter Porcelain Figurine: White Pair of Rabbits Eating Ear of Corn

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Herend Hungary Easter Porcelain Figurine: White Pair of Rabbits Eating Ear of Corn
Manufacturer: Herend Porcelain: Hand painted (Hungary)
Signatures: Form number #5326 engraved into figurine
# 6 and # 158 painted onto the bottom along with signature.
Material: Hand-painted Porcelain, Jubilee First Class, Signed and numbered.
Vintage: 1980 – 1982
Height: 3.46" / 8.8 cm.
Length: 2.17" / 5.5 cm.
Width: 2.76" / 7.0 cm.

Adorable Herend pair of bunnies figurine. One rabbit is standing, and one is at rest eating an ear of corn. The pair of bunnies is one piece, not separate. Very rare postures and very beautiful. Also rare is the realistic simplicity of the painting on these, which usually have colorful patterns unrelated to rabbits. All Herend figures are painted by hand and are completely unique. In excellent condition and quite rare.

Herend holds a rich history spanning many years, crossing many oceans and charming generation after generation to enjoy worldwide acclaim as the pinnacle in supreme porcelain, also known as white gold. Now the biggest porcelain manufactory in Europe, Herend was founded in 1826 in the small village of Herend, Hungary to produce pottery. In 1839 a major turning point occurred when Mor Fischer became the manufactory's new owner. Taking Herend in an entirely new direction, visionary Fischer carved out the unique niche of producing dinnerware replacement pieces for Europe's royal families to complement their valuable porcelain patterns from Germany and the Far East. Their beautiful porcelain tableware pieces can be found in palaces, fine homes and museums throughout the world. Made by hand, hand painted, and glazed.



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