Your Custom Design

It is my joy to bring your ideas and visions to life, whether you can clearly 'see' it or only have the idea.

Sometimes people know exactly what they want, and it's only a questions of manifesting it in reality.  Since I do that with my own inner vision, it's easy to do it for you.

Other times, someone may have a story, but uncertain how to tell the story in physical representation.  Just talk to me.  Tell me your story.  There will be a moment when I channel your ideas and they will be clear in my mind.  Then it's easy to make.   I wish I could tell you how this is done.  I am an untrained, accidental designer.  What comes to me, though me, is a mysterious gift.  It will be my joy to use this gift to tell your story in art or jewelry.  

Click here for custom examples, and here for turning your logo into jewelry.  You might also want your jewelry repaired, reworked or refreshed.  We can do that, too!

Call or write- let's get started,