Free-ish Jewels-ReDesign

- Free-ish Jewelry -
 Re-design, re-work, re-use, repair and/or scrap.

Kind of, sort of, really is like free!  Sometimes you even get jewelry money back.

Here's how it works:
Look at all of your jewelry. Take it from drawers, safes, banks, anywhere it's hidden, forgotten or used. 
Divide the jewelry into three groups:

  •  Love it.  Wear it.
    • Let's make sure it's all fresh, cleaned, refinished (if necessary), pearls and beads restrung (should be done every year or two whether you wear it or not as thread discolors, deteriorates, and breaks.)
  • Never going to wear it again.
    • This will get scrapped to pay for the fun part;
  • Sentimental attachment- but not quite working.  (This is the fun part) 
    • Allow me to work with you to redesign the pieces which almost work, to reset the stones, maybe use yours in re-designs of my existing pieces, or in a totally new design, just for you.

Call or write- I can't wait to get started!