Fundraising: Your Cause

Fundraising for your favorite organizations. 

It is my joy, pleasure and honor to assist in fundraising efforts.  Let's get creative.  I have lots of ideas and programs, including but not limited to:.  

  • Private Label
    • Create your own line for sales and fundraising
    • Turn your logo into jewelry and other objects 
    • Other symbolic jewelry promoting your mission
  • Sell my jewelry on your web site
  • Trunk Shows
  • Pearl classes
    • Understanding the cost and types of pearls
    • Jane's super easy pearl knotting technique
    • Other easy techniques to make anything you envision come alive.
  • Seminars or talks to your organization.  Topics include anything that improves the human condition, including:
    • Joy
    • Success
    • Leadership
    • Oneness
    • Self-Esteem
    • Self Branding
    • Looking at life with fresh eyes,

Note: I am an artist trying to make a living with my art.  The requests flood in, and all but one were wonderful causes.  I am happy to give huge percentages to your group, but am not in a position to give away huge amounts of jewelry for free.  We must be in this together.  

Call or write:
212-688-8600 for phone, text, WhatsApp or WeChat