Shareable Joy: Memes

My sculptural, metaphorical jewelry, the part of the collection called "The Innies" are expression of my inner inspiration, created in searching for joy, success, leadership and oneness, and shared with others to assist in the same journey, and for inspiring others.  Worn for beauty, cherished for layers of discovery.  Lead on!

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Life, Inspiration, Oneness Expressed in Jewelry: Memes for sharing on Facebook

If you have a message of your own which you want me to create, let's talk. 
Whether your idea is fully formed or just a seed of an idea, using your ideas and my artistry will bring it to life for you.  
Contact me just to chat - no obligation, no cost to brainstorm. 

Once the artwork is created, we can use it on all kinds of different products, such as clothing, accessories, tabletop, cell phone cases, sheets & pillows, shower curtains, framed art, tote bags, etc. etc. etc.  The possibilities are endless.