Shopping Help for Men

If you are like most men, shopping for gifts is not your favorite hobby.

With 14 years experience as a jewelry designer, it is instantly apparent whether a man is merely doing reconnaissance or actually need to buy a gift. How do I know? Because the ones who need to buy the gift look like they want to vomit. Seriously! No exaggeration.

The event (birthday, anniversary, Valentines' Day, etc.) is invariably that night or the next day.

One store owner joked that she could sell anything to a man, because they avoid the decision and wait for the last minute, until they are desperate. She reached out, held up a stapler and said  "I could sell this for a Valentine's Day gift." That seemed mean spirited to me.

It is my goal, which I know how to accomplish, to help you find something she will love - -

- - to melt her heart and make you a hero.

If you don't have the shopping-gene, and if any of these sounds familiar, I AM THE SOLUTION FOR YOU!

* You want to make your sweetheart happy

* You are not sure what makes your sweetheart happy.

* You don't like shopping for gifts.

* You don't want to upset her by getting it wrong.

* You don't want to embarrass yourself by getting it wrong.

* You don't want to waste your money.

* You ask yourself: "Why is being a hero SO DAMN DIFFICULT?"

It doesn't have to be guesswork anymore.

Come to Mama! Come to the GIFT WHISPERER.

Here is how it works:

Most of my sales are women buying for themselves. I understand what women want.

Experience since 2000

- Making jewelry

- assisting women find what they want,

- listening to women describe what works and why,

* I can use this information to help YOU be a hero.*

* If you allow me to ask you questions, each answer helps me make highly personal suggestions-

- not in theory- but specifically for

your wife, your girlfriend(s), your daughter(s),your mother, boss, secretary, colleague, hostess, etc.

Giving her your credit card OR asking what she wants just doesn't win the girl!!!!

You have to show that you truly 'get' her, 'see' her, and love her for her true self.

Below are some of the ways my questions will help me to help you choose the perfect gift - -

- things you WON'T have to think about and interpret

- suggestions narrowed down based on your answers.

Career examples:

     * A trial lawyer will want something minimalist that won't catch attention from a jury.

     * An artist will want something unique.

     * A pharmaceutical rep wants to look sexy.

     * A news castor wants something which shows well on camera.

     * Scientists and doctors stop cold, transfixed when they see my DNA necklaces are on display.

Lifestyle examples:

* A gardener might like flower jewelry,

* Someone who loves the sea would like my sea life or ocean jewelry,

* A spiritual woman would like the 'Bowl of Diamonds" collection (My cup runneth over).

* A traveler would like something interchangeable - fewer pieces can match many outfits.

* The interchangeable pieces are also great for creative self expression

- and for young women or girls who don't yet have a 'jewelry wardrobe.'

* A very busy woman who doesn't have time or interest in fashion will not want to think about interchangeable- she wants to 'grab and go.'

* Does her career (or yours) requires black tie events. or if you are done with 'all that.'

* A mother with infants will not want to wear hanging earrings, which babies can grab, or pearls and beads, which can be grabbed, broken and swallowed.

* Does she sleep in her jewelry or change every day?

* Flowers for gardeners, grapes for wine lovers, equestrian for horse lovers. wildlife for outdoors types -

Physical Appearance: Photos will help me understand her:

* A woman's coloring will determine what stones she might want:

- Blondes and redheads look great in peridot, a spring green color.

- Brunettes with olive skin tones generally avoid greens. Not a good look.

* Neck, wrist and finger - - small, medium or large?

Taste: Photos will help me understand her:

There are things I will ask you to observe - or you can show me some photos.

* Which neutrals does she wear: Black, white, dark brown, tan or cream.

* Which colors does she wear: women tend towards the same 2-3 colors.

* What size earrings does she like?

- Studs on the ear? Large or small?

- Drop? Just below the lobe or long?

- Chandelier?

* Necklaces - - large or small?

Most important is your story.

Because most of my work has symbolism, layers of discovery, words on the backs of pieces, we can talk about the messages you want to send, about what is important to you, or her, and I cam make suggestions based on ideas.

And last - because you are working directly with the artist, pieces can be made to order, modified, altered, or created from scratch to fit you and yours.


* Never enter a store

* Photos sent based on the information you give me.* Every gift comes beautifully gift wrapped.

* Delivered to your desk.


NEVER PAY RETAIL!!! Big big big discounts for my private customers.   ;-)

If you are in NY city- you are welcome to see the collection in person - but it's not necessary.

I might even be able to bring a selection to your office.

CALL ME NOW!!!  Don't do the guy thing and wait until the last minute.

This is highly personalized concierge service, but I am only one person.

As always, keep well and keep in touch.

All the best,