Jewelry Repair and Re-Design

Things happen.  I stand behind my work, but things happen. 

You might also have a drawer filled with jewelry you don't wear anymore.  Let's do something with that!

Divide your jewelry into three categories:

  1. Love it - Wear it.  
       Be sure it's all polished, clean, pearls and beads on fresh thread. Put it away and enjoy.
  2. Don't like it.  Don't care about it.  Never going to wear it.
    Let's scrap the metal to pay for something new!
    Let's re-use the gemstones in something you will love.
  3. Sentimental attachment - but somehow it's not quite working.
    This is the fun part.  Let's take those cherished pieces you inherited or used to love, and make them into something you will wear and love again.  

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