Carved Rainbow Stone- Seal Sweethearts - Mexico

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Carved Rainbow Stone- Seal Sweethearts - Mexico

Carved stone- clearly dyed as few stones are this shade of rainbow. Don't hold me to it but I am guessing onyx.  What ever the materials, it's an adorable, colorful family of three.

Also included here are a few photos from the place and the day where I got these - just to give you the setting. 
Photos are also available on canvass, glass and fabric.  I have been experimenting with new products, and enjoying glass coasters and tabletops with the photos.  If you are interested but uncertain which photos, I can create a collection just for you.  In could be anything, including peace & love, flowers, faces (old or young), animals, water, exotic, humerous, inspirational, etc.  In the photo section here are two partial collections: "Peace Around the World" and "Showing Off Baby"
Just let me know what you want- my job is to make you happy!